[Nitro] 0.26.0 preview

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Fri Dec 16 10:35:38 EST 2005

K Aleksi Niemela wrote:
> James Britt writes:
>> George Moschovitis wrote:
>>> darcs get http://repo.nitrohq.com
>>> more instructions here:
>>> http://www.nitrohq.com/view/Darcs_repository
>> build.rb does not play well on Windows.
>> I fixed the call to mkdir, but what's 'reap'?
> I have no idea what's the correct answer, but at least this is first hit 
> for ruby and reap from google.
>  http://reap.rubyforge.org/

That appears to be it, though build.rb still fails to create gems for me.

A suggestion for George: Please make beta gems available.  I have nitro 
+ friends installed via gems.  If I now install a version using cp or 
install.rb or something, then I end up with stray files that I have to 
remove by hand or else the conflict with gem loading.

> James, do you have otherwise working production quality setup on 
> Windows? I'd be interested in hearing all the details: webserver, 
> configurations, ruby, libs, database and versions of everything with 
> installation instructions.

I have Apache2 running on WinXP SP2, plus MySQL 3.23.58 (I was running 
MySQL 4.01, but my production server is running 3.23, and the 
differences between 3.x and 4+ are enough that I'm better off just using 
the older version so that I know my SQL will run.  Upgrading MySQL on a 
Red Hat Enterprise box is a task I've been dreading.)

The installation of Apache2 was done using a Windows binary from Apache. 
    Same for MySQL; I just used their binaries.  I've not gotten fastcgi 
running on Windows (nor, for that matter, with Apache 2 on the Linux 

I had been running Nitro apps under CGI, both on Windos and Lnux, which 
has been fast enough for me, but that broke with Nitro  0.25. :(

I have some test apps running with fcgi + lighttpd on the linux box, but 
have not gotten lighttpd running on WinXP.

(I run Rails apps locally using scgi + Apache2.)

> I'm not sure if Rails has decent docs for this already, perhaps I should 
> take a glance on that land.

I've used the Rails docs for general server setups; they're OK, but 
often platform-focused.  Telling me to run "apt-get" is not telling me 
much.  But installation itself is usually not the issue,  it's 
configuration that trips me up, and trial-and-error is the big winner 
for me.

Even when I find nice examples (such as the lighttpd + fcgi example on 
nitrohq) there seems to be something else I want to add, and that's when 
stuff falls apart on me.

The biggest gripes are the near-useless error messages I get from apache 
or fastcgi or lighttpd or whatever.  They basically say, "Shit don't 
work.  Go figure it out."



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