[Nitro] help with og!

zimba-tm zimba.tm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 08:01:41 EST 2005

Thanks for your feedback TRANS, you've raised interesting points IMHO.
In general, I think the idea is to avoid the "definition" step otherframeworks have. Like Hibernate with it's XML data. To do this, werely on the native ruby language.
With smart defaults and good fallbacks like you mentioned, using thelanguage to define the objects, it's possible to avoid most cases. Andwith ruby's class reopening feature, it's possible to define them inanother file.
Also, the glue/nano/facets framework is a nice idea, because it's notdependent of Og. So any other ORM that use them, can implement Ogobjects. In that sense, using "ann" is a good idea I think. I see thatas an extension to the language that is necessary for that particularcase.
On 12/12/05, TRANS <transfire at gmail.com> wrote:> It's an interesting approach and yes, I think it could work. But> details would have to be worked out. Yet it's quite different from how> Og works now. So the other question to ask, is such a change> warranted?
Did you mean "wanted" instead of "warranted" ? In any cases, I proposeto start a wiki page with some mockups. I'm also starting tounderstand the framework better so it becomes easier for me toimplement an Og2 or something.
--Cheers,  zimba

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