[Nitro] RDOG - reloaded

Michael Fellinger m.fellinger at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 11:06:34 EST 2005

Hey List.

After some tinkering i finally got around setting up rdog again on my server, 
using the latest release of spark and the documentation of glycerin.
i'll add a auto-updating-script later on, so that all documentation is 
generated daily from the latest glycerin, i think this is the best method of 
providing our documentation and providing the people who write code-comments 
additional feedback.
you can find it at http://rdog.manveru.net - there are lots of bugs still 
showing up, but i will try to fix them as soon as i find more time. ATM i'm 
glad that RDOG is up'n'running again since quite some people wanted to use it 
and provide additional doku.

I'm not sure if we can integrate this concept into nitrohq at some point - but 
i definitly keep this option open - spark needs some minor changes to provide 
the functionality of rdog, but i find it definitly something we should think 

so far, RDOG provides all rdoc of the darcs-repo - including the examples and 
some things that maybe shouldn't find their way on the page... but on the 
other hand i like this approach since it gives you some information you 
wouldn't find otherwise (when you're searching for it)

Also i intend to provide RDOG itself... i will upload it in the next time to 
rubyforge (the project for it exists already) together with NIXEL, that will 
become pretty mature when the new nitro-version is out (especially with new 

so... have fun playing with it :)
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