[Nitro] I have to bow!

Emmanuel Piperakis epiperak at softlab.ece.ntua.gr
Tue Aug 30 21:29:05 EDT 2005

I was searching today and I found the Nitro::TableMixin !!!!!!! George you 
are amazing! One request: could you include a TableMixin version that has 
both Column Headers and Row Header? eg

        | Col_1 | Col_2 | Col_3
Row_1  | Data  | Data  | Data
Row_2  | Data  | Data  | Data

If it can be easily done with this existing version, could you give an 
example? Thank you :-))

Emmanouil Piperakis (epiperak at cs.ntua.gr)
{To explore is Human, to Create is Devine,
  To teach is Primal, to Rule is Sin}

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