[Nitro] Nitro and rubyscript2exe

Emmanuel Piperakis epiperak at softlab.ece.ntua.gr
Sun Aug 28 21:26:34 EDT 2005

>> I've run the script to make the exe, but now I need a clean box to test
>> it on :)
>> I need to be sure that it works on a system with no Ruby.  And, oddly
>> enough, all four of my computers have Ruby installed.  (Well, actually,
>> I have a fifth computer, a C64 but it's in a box in the closet, so that
>> doesn't count.)
> C64! Best damn computer ever made! :-)

I will have to disagree. I have a ZX Spectrum (48K) with the rubber color 
keys. That was the best computer ever made...

>> Looks like a job for VMware.  Or maybe WINE?
> Or XEN.
> Let us know how it goes.
> T.
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