[Nitro] Nitro and rubyscript2exe

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Sat Aug 27 18:31:18 EDT 2005

Anastasios Koutoumanos wrote:
> James Britt wrote:

>> I need to be sure that it works on a system with no Ruby.  And, oddly 
>> enough, all four of my computers have Ruby installed.  (Well, 
>> actually, I have a fifth computer, a C64 but it's in a box in the 
>> closet, so that doesn't count.)
>> Looks like a job for VMware.  Or maybe WINE?
>> James
> i'm sure we can find a 'clean' windows box in our office - you could 
> forward me the .exe to check it out!

Thanks.  I've set up a VMware instance with a bare-bones Win2K, and I'm 
happy to report some basic success.

The app does, well, next to nothing, but the distributable exe does kick 
off WEBrick and allow one to load the default Nitro index.html page.

Next: See if it actually loads and runs Nitro controllers and custom libs.



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