[Nitro] Logger

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Thu Aug 25 23:09:34 EDT 2005

Mark Probert wrote:

> The debate in c.l.r is about overriding standard class methods and
> behaviour.  Extending is okay, IMO, modifying is another issue.
> In George's defence, I think that he took the code from someone else.
> Given the gift he has given us with Nitro and Og, this is a small price
> to pay ;-)

On something of a side note, did anyone else find that thread weird?  I 
can understand wanting to point out design or code flaws, and having a 
public discussion on differing opinions, but it seems perversely nasty 
to take free code, and, because it gave you a problem that the author 
almost certainly did not intend, publicly identify the code author and 
essentially rip him a new asshole.

There are any number of ways to address such issues with a bit of tact, 
while still having a public discussion that doesn't point to a 
particular offender.



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