[Nitro] Logger

Mark Probert probertm at acm.org
Thu Aug 25 21:23:55 EDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-08-25 at 20:08 -0400, TRANS wrote:
> Moin, Could someone explain what this logger is doing the sets it
> apart from the original?

It overrides the Logger class and changes the default format, and
trace() methods.  In addition, it turns Logger into a singleton, which
kinds of hoses having your own logger(s) present.

So, making it a GlueLogger < Logger gets around this.  All of the Og and
Glue classes can be happy with this new behaviour, and we can still have
normal loggers elsewhere.

The debate in c.l.r is about overriding standard class methods and
behaviour.  Extending is okay, IMO, modifying is another issue.

In George's defence, I think that he took the code from someone else.
Given the gift he has given us with Nitro and Og, this is a small price
to pay ;-)


-mark.  (probertm at acm dot org)

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