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Anastasios Koutoumanos ak at navel.gr
Thu Aug 25 14:39:30 EDT 2005

TRANS wrote:

>On 8/25/05, Martin Bernd Schmeil <bernd at bdebl.de> wrote:
>>How about introducing authentification to the wiki? There are more
>>attempts of vandalization than additions / updates....
>What kind of validation do people prefer?
>  - graphical text entry (what's this called again?)
>  - IP validation
>  - Memberships
>  - Other?
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why not try a combination, i.e.:
1. frequent users can register,
2. someone wishing to contribute should at least answer to a CAPTCHA or 
other kind or question
3. inform everyone that their contribution is logged (their ip, any 
other info we can get from their client's request)

later we could add a moderation step if wewish, but i think it 
complicates things too much....


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