[Nitro] vandalized homepage

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Thu Aug 25 10:45:33 EDT 2005

manveru wrote:
> ... 
> and i have one question ... is this all about preventing vandalizing by 
> bots AND humans?
> for bots the job is done by some simple image, but what hinders humans 
> to access and vandalize?

Good point.

Use images to block bots.  Use an editing delay to slow down humans.

E.g. When editing a given page, store the IP address for x seconds (60? 
10?), and block further editing of other pages until an editing hold for 
that IP address has expired.  Then delete the stored IP address.

Maybe use a cookie that expires after, say 60 seconds?

Annoying to legitimate users, though I suspect most people are not 
trying to edit multiple pages one right after the other.


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