[Nitro] Nested Intervals

Martin Bernd Schmeil bernd at bdebl.de
Wed Aug 24 13:48:08 EDT 2005

Here's the URL:


I may or may not be able to have a look on this on the weekend. But 
maybe someone
else is faster... (if so please let me know).

- Bernd

George Moschovitis wrote:

>There is a small project for anyone who wants to help with nitro development.
>Have a look at lib/og/mixin/tree.rb
>This is some experimental code for a nested intervals mixins a more
>sophisticated version of the nested sets algorithm used in the
>hierarchical mixin for sql tree traversal. If anyone could go on   and
>finish this code it would be very helpful. There is a link in the code
>that points to an article that describes this algorithm.

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