[Nitro] Og::Store (was Re: og regarding legacy apps table hints)

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 02:11:01 EDT 2005

> The big thing that causes pain at the moment is that properties copy
> themselves down onto subclasses, which means that if you then dynamically
> add a property to a class, its information doesn't get propagated correctly.

this can be fixed.

>  The other biggie is that you can't tell where something was declared, so
> you can't sort out where it belongs without comparing properties on a class
> to its parent's properties...which may or may not have everything because
> something might've been added along the way!

I guess this can be implemented too..

> If we can get properties to be reliable and complete, we can drop nearly all
> of the need to walk/collect property metadata, and fields can really just be
> specific to dealing with persisting the properties.

This the way to go, the property system  must be improved. Duplicating
property metadata in fields is not elegant/robust.

> (That, and the "meta"/"metadata" thing, which drove me up the wall until I
> got it sorted out far enough that I stopped trying to access <class>.meta
> all the time.)

It's not easy to have both:



class <class>
  meta ...



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