[Nitro] Og::Store (was Re: og regarding legacy apps table hints)

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 03:59:24 EDT 2005

> A pure unstructured store would be one that serialized the objects as blobs,
> I would think.  Nominally, a Structured store is one that needs a lot of
> ...
> and storing it in one field (though I wouldn't think you'd usually want to
> do that).

Funny, this is how the original (3 year old) version of Og worked. Let
me tell you this was a bit problematic (like the instiki guys recently
found out). But it IS useful for some applications.

> I was considering the idea, btw, that a caching layer could be implemented
> ...
> of something much like that in python, on top of pickle/unpickle into a BDB
> database.)

Interesting idea.

> Does that at least make general sense?  It's 1:30 am here and so I'm a
> little spacey.  I should go to bed soon.  *grin*

Yeah, it makes sense :)



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