[Nitro] Og::Store (was Re: og regarding legacy apps table hints)

Deborah Hooker deb at ysabel.org
Fri Aug 19 03:26:30 EDT 2005

George Moschovitis wrote:
> I do feel that the code has a java feel (bloated) in some places, but
> I am sure we can fix that :)

Hee!  Yeah, it's been a few years since I was doing active work in Lisp or
Scheme (or Smalltalk or Eiffel).  Though I do seem to keep coming back to
persistence mechanisms; I wrote a transparent OODB interface for Eiffel in,
mmm, '91?  And distributed database systems and JBoss and I can't count the
number of times I've had to build persistence in systems for one job or
another, usually for political rather than technical reasons, gah.

I'm a C++ and python expert and have been stuck professionally in Java and
C# the last few years to boot, so it's taking a bit to get back into the
functional flow, especially with Ruby's OO-tinted view of functional.  I
suspect that even the bits where I'm getting away from C++/Java/C# idiom I'm
still being pythonesque.

Really, python's the only non statically typed strongly typed language I've
ever built anything particularly significant in; I like static/strong typing
if the underlying support is there for it (and it isn't there in Java,
dammit, though 1.5 is at least a HUGE step forward...similarly for C# 2.0,
enough so to make it worth using the Microsoft beta stuffs right now).  But
then both the full C++ STL and XPath/XSLT actually make sense to my brain,
so I'm an established nutcase right there.  *grin*

Anyway, I could bitch about languages all day.  I'm enjoying the hell out of
Ruby and more than a little glad to find something that uses it that also
does what I need in a way that works well, namely, Nitro.  Rails has some
very cool ideas but I quickly ran into major limitations w.r.t. any kind of
complex modular organization, and given that Ruby's _really_ strong when it
comes to modules, that annoyed me to no end and turned me off for a while.
Then I found Nitro and had a few good yay moments.  :)

Amusingly, I still haven't written a single line of code specifically for
the thing I wanted to use Rails for in the first place.  Or, rather, I have
a bunch of notes and several possible DB schemas, but I keep ending up
building infrastructure bits to do what I need instead of working on the
application.  That, and having ljArchive work I should do, and another
application I'm working on, and JBoss-EJB3 work I should do...oh, yeah, and
my job, and my family, and the occasional video game...

What were we talking about again?  *grin*

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