[Nitro] Problem with controller arguments

manveru ulmo at valaraan.de
Wed Aug 17 13:25:09 EDT 2005

Miikka Koskinen schrieb:

>I'm reimplementing my website in Nitro and I have a little problem. I have 
>code like this:
>class FooController < Nitro::Controller
>  def view(foo, bar)
>     # do some stuff
>  end
>Now, this works fine with urls like http://site/view/some/thing (foo="some", 
>bar="thing"). But, I would like to have also urls like 
>http://site/view/some/thing/nice, where foo = "some", bar = "thing/nice".
>Is this possible?
>Miikka Koskinen
one of the most important objects in nitro for me is the 'request', have 
a look at it via request.inspect and at some point you will find

#-> "some;thing;nice;"

maybe you could use that... for myself i extract the variables and put 
them into a get-array, it works great for further working with the 
variables from the query.

hope that helps

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