[Nitro] tutorial: opml feed stuff doesn't work?

Martin Bernd Schmeil bernd at bdebl.de
Wed Aug 17 01:33:55 EDT 2005

*Hi all,

recently I went through the Nitro tutorial and updated a few things
to make it work again. Something I couldn't solve (and I tried to find
that stuff in the sources) is to make the code in
http://www.nitrohq.com/view/NSBS_Page_Generation_with_Class run.

undefined local variable or method `o' for #

I'm not sure if I made another error somewhere. Can someone with
a clue please check the tutorial. Since we have not so much
documentation at least the tutorial should be kept up to date to find
a wider audience for nitro.

Thanks! - Bernd

PS: If there is indeed an error just let me know what and I try to fix
it and update the tutorial accordingly.

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