[Nitro] og regarding legacy apps table hints

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 13:09:49 EDT 2005

If a file were to be used, then it should be a YAML file. YAML is
universal, INI files are more windows centric.

The descriptor-file design is NOT a good one. It's adding yet another
layer of duplicate information --far from DRY. The best way is either
the Og way or the ActiveRecord way. I.e. either the OO system
specifies the data structure, or the relational backend does. There's
no need for a third way to tell both of them how to be. Such systems
(and there are plenty) are a pain. And I like that Og will be able to
support the ActiveRecord way too; so it will have the best of both

FYI, if you are concerned about SOC (Seperation of Concerns), I'm with
you. But that can be done in the OO system too. To do so in Og, simply
build your classes as normal (don't consider the DB), then afterward
create seperate modules to extend the classes with the porper DB
interface. This makes for a vry elegant and clean design (with only a
slight but worthy sacrifice to DRY) I've talked to George about this
and he knows it something to solidly support in Og.


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