[Nitro] user registration / authentication: email validation

Ysabel deb at ysabel.org
Mon Aug 15 01:31:26 EDT 2005

--On Sunday, August 14, 2005 11:26 AM +0200 Martin Bernd Schmeil 
<bernd at bdebl.de> wrote:
> OK. Can anyone tell me how good or bad nitro-auth integrates into Nitro?

Well, it's written with the specific purpose of being an authentication 
system for Nitro, so I'd say it's designed to integrate pretty well. 
Whether it does or not on any given day might be up to more contention.  :)

> If I would be more experienced with Ruby (just started about two months
> ago) I would probably try to add that to nitro-auth myself. I just don't 
want to
> introduce bad design and code to the nitro projects.

If you'd like to send me suggested patches, I'm happy to review them and 

One thing nitro-auth desperately needs is a reasonable unit test suite; I 
was struggling early on with figuring out how to reasonably unit test Nitro 
applications and I haven't gotten back to that.  (The Og::Store stuff I've 
been playing with has a really extensive suite of unit tests now.)

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