[Nitro] user registration / authentication: email validation

Ysabel deb at ysabel.org
Mon Aug 15 01:26:55 EDT 2005

--On Sunday, August 14, 2005 6:56 AM +0200 Martin Bernd Schmeil 
<bernd at bdebl.de> wrote:
> I finally had the opportunaty to work half-way through the tutorial and
> I'm looking forward for my own 20-30 mins a day nitro development. One
> thing that I'd really need is the standard user registration per email,
> i.e. user  registers with user name, email and password, gets an email
> with a link she has to click to become authorized to enter the site.
> Does this funcitionality already exist? Or will nitro-auth cover it soon?

Certainly it's within the scope of what I had in mind for nitro-auth.  I've 
not messed around with the auth stuff in the last week or two, been 
fiddling with low-level Og::Store stuffs.

I'm open to patches/tweaks/suggestions, though, definitely.

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