[Nitro] user registration / authentication: email validation

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 05:54:35 EDT 2005

We at Navel (my company) are working on a super-duper user/identity
system for our (Navel) internal high level framework. I 'll discuss
this with my partners, perhaps we can just release this single
component (part) as an example. But this will take a lonf time. I
would suggest that you work with Deborah to improve the existing
nitro-auth package.


On 8/14/05, Martin Bernd Schmeil <bernd at bdebl.de> wrote:
> George Moschovitis wrote:
> >Hello and welcome to the list,
> >
> >
> >
> Hi George, I'm on the list for about a month. I'm the guy who's
> constantly complaining
> about the documentation without providing any value to the projoject.
> Thanks anyway.
> >the functionality is out of scope for Nitro. Nitro is a 'low' level
> >framework. However, I expect spinoff projects to provide this
> >functionality. Nitro-auth is a likely candidate.
> >
> >
> OK. Can anyone tell me how good or bad nitro-auth integrates into Nitro?
> If I would be more experienced with Ruby (just started about two months
> ago) I would
> probably try to add that to nitro-auth myself. I just don't want to
> introduce bad design
> and code to the nitro projects.
> I believe handling authentication and the registering process is one the
> most important
> functionalites / services a web framework has to have. In my case I
> would like to avoid
> paying bandwith, CPU, IO, etc.  for robots / spammers while opening
> doors to increase the
> data quality of the event calendar I'm planing to implement with nitro.
> I'm thinking about a half open system, where everyone can read data
> related to _one_
> object (like a club)  by providing an additional key (hardcoded in the
> URL) while
> every write or global read requires registration and authentication.
> This way people could include dynamic services in their static webpages like
> news boards, calendar information, etc.
> >On 8/14/05, Martin Bernd Schmeil <bernd at bdebl.de> wrote:
> >
> >>
> >>One thing that I'd really need is the standard user registration per email,
> >>i.e. user  registers with user name, email and password, gets an email
> >>with a link she has to click to become authorized to enter the site.
> >>
> >>Does this funcitionality already exist? Or will nitro-auth cover it soon?
> >>
> >>
> Thanks! - Bernd (who got the Agile Web Developement with Rails book
> yesterday)
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