[Nitro] user registration / authentication: email validation

Martin Bernd Schmeil bernd at bdebl.de
Sun Aug 14 05:26:14 EDT 2005

George Moschovitis wrote:

>Hello and welcome to the list,
Hi George, I'm on the list for about a month. I'm the guy who's 
constantly complaining
about the documentation without providing any value to the projoject. 
Thanks anyway.

>the functionality is out of scope for Nitro. Nitro is a 'low' level
>framework. However, I expect spinoff projects to provide this
>functionality. Nitro-auth is a likely candidate.
OK. Can anyone tell me how good or bad nitro-auth integrates into Nitro?

If I would be more experienced with Ruby (just started about two months 
ago) I would
probably try to add that to nitro-auth myself. I just don't want to 
introduce bad design
and code to the nitro projects.

I believe handling authentication and the registering process is one the 
most important
functionalites / services a web framework has to have. In my case I 
would like to avoid
paying bandwith, CPU, IO, etc.  for robots / spammers while opening 
doors to increase the
data quality of the event calendar I'm planing to implement with nitro.

I'm thinking about a half open system, where everyone can read data 
related to _one_
object (like a club)  by providing an additional key (hardcoded in the 
URL) while
every write or global read requires registration and authentication.

This way people could include dynamic services in their static webpages like
news boards, calendar information, etc.

>On 8/14/05, Martin Bernd Schmeil <bernd at bdebl.de> wrote:
>>One thing that I'd really need is the standard user registration per email,
>>i.e. user  registers with user name, email and password, gets an email
>>with a link she has to click to become authorized to enter the site.
>>Does this funcitionality already exist? Or will nitro-auth cover it soon?
Thanks! - Bernd (who got the Agile Web Developement with Rails book 

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