[Nitro] Og newbie problems

Kristof Jozsa dyn at ond.vein.hu
Fri Aug 12 06:06:35 EDT 2005

Hi George & Aleksi,

thanks much for your help, it's always a pleasure to meet a very friendly and 
responsive community :)

I hope the patch about displaying the join table makes its way into the next 
release. It's a minor (ok, a trivial) issue, but I seriously spend over 10 mins 
trying to 'fix' my relation setup before realized what was going on..

There's one issue you did not response to: about using the @entities << entity 
syntax at many-to-many relationships. I'd absolutely prefer that to using the 
add_entity() method.

Aleksi, thanks for cleaning up my testcase :) I applied the same workaround 
(saving the collection in the initalize method before adding related objects), 
it works fine for now..

George, I'm not sure what (or how much) I could help you with the project. My 
freetime is another term I could hardly define... ;)

I'm basically a java dev who heard the noise on Rails some months ago and some 
weeks later realized the beauty and power of Ruby.. On the other side I could 
never accept the AR approach about thinking about the database. I prefer OO 
design and use a relational store only to persist. Therefore Og fits me 
perfectly sketching the design, writing a couple of testcases verifying domain 
logic and I get the DB schema for free (yeah Hibernate gives me that too but Og 
running my tests in 0.2s on my developer box can hardly be beaten with anything 
java ;)


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