[Nitro] Og and derived classes...

Andrew Thompson vagabond at cataclysm-software.net
Fri Aug 12 03:22:49 EDT 2005


It does indeed seem to be similar to your problem, when I do:


I get:

(eval):23:in `add_function': undefined method `doc_class_oid=' for 
#<DocMethod:0xb7a4bd2c> (NoMethodError)

and if I do:

puts testclass.functions

it errors out with:
ERROR: DB error Unknown column 'doc_class_oid' in 'where clause', 
[SELECT * FROM ogdocmethod WHERE doc_class_oid = 1]

I get similar errors doing a add_function using a DocModule. but 
strangely if I do:


testmethod.parent = testclass

puts testmethod.parent.inspect

It looks like its assigning testmodule as the parent, not testclass...

Very bizarre.

Oh, destroy => true was just what I needed, thanks.


John Lloyd-Jones wrote:
> Andrew
> Here's a couple of tips:
> use something like:
> db = Og.setup(
>       :destroy => true,
>       :store => 'sqlite',
>       :name => 'andrew'
> )
> This re-creates your database each time. Note that I use sqlite3 --
> it's good for this sort of work.
> What error message do you get when your test crashes? Maybe it is
> related to the problem I reported?
> John
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