[Nitro] Og newbie problems

Aleksi Niemela Aleksi.Niemela at cs.helsinki.fi
Thu Aug 11 12:57:45 EDT 2005

Kristof Jozsa wrote:

> Hi,
Hello there, nice to see you got yourself going well fast!

> The first problem I bumped into can be demonstrated with the following 
> piece of code:
> class LineItem
>   belongs_to Order
> end
> running this script dumps this error:
> /test_og.rb:15: undefined method `belongs_to' for LineItem:Class 
> (NoMethodError)
> I kept on fighting and after some time I realized that adding any 
> property to LineItem before the belongs_to declaration fixes the 
> problem. Is there any other way to trigger initializing Og (I think 
> that's what fails to happen in this case) than this?
There's patch for this functionality already. But I'm not sure if George 
ended up adding a new keyword just to enchant the class with relation 
macros. Refer to


if you want to implement it by yourself.

> Next I had set up an unidirectional many-to-many relationship. I tried 
> very hard to set it up correctly and get the join table generated, 
> right until I realized that it IS generated just not in the logs.. 
> (the two other create table sql statements were displayed as INFO 
> messages but not the join table :) Do you think it would make sense 
> displaying that info as well?
Sure. Here's the patch. I wasn't able to test it but doesn't seem 
complicated enough to really break anything, and I'm sure George will 
test it before commiting.

$ svn diff psql.rb
Index: psql.rb
--- psql.rb     (revision 250)
+++ psql.rb     (working copy)
@@ -218,6 +218,7 @@
           create_join_table_sql(info).each do |sql|
+            Logger.info "Created jointable '#{info[:table]}'."
         rescue Object => ex
           # gmosx: any idea how to better test this?

> Still at the many-to-many relationship (example was many 
> SoftwarePackage can contain many Software), I tried to create a 
> constructor for SoftwarePackage which accepted an array of Software 
> (simplifying the example here):
> ----
> class Software
>   property :name, String
> end
> class SoftwarePackage < Software
>   many_to_many :software, Software
>   def initialize(software)
>     software.each { |x| add_software x }
>   end
> end
> ----
> and well, it did not really work out. I find out that I have to call 
> save first in the SoftwarePackage constructor, else an invalid sql 
> will be generated like:
The example at the end of this mail works for me. So perhaps you can 
adapt to similar technique until George has sorted this out at some 
later revision.

    - Aleksi

#!/usr/bin/ruby -rubygems

$DBG = true

require 'test/unit'

require 'og'
#require 'og/relation'

class Order
  property :name, String

  has_many :items, LineItem
  def initialize(name, its)
    @name = name
    its.each { |it| items << it }

class LineItem
  property :name, String
  belongs_to Order
  def initialize(name)
    @name = name

class Software
  property :name, String
  def initialize(name)
    @name = name

class SoftwarePackage < Software
  property :name, String
  many_to_many :software, Software

  def initialize(name, softwares)
    @name = name
    softwares.each { |x| add_software x }

class TestOg < Test::Unit::TestCase
  include Og

  def test_basic
    items = [LineItem.create("foo"),
    o = Order.create("order", items)

    sws = [Software.create("og"),
    o = SoftwarePackage.create("package", sws)

  def setup
      db_conf = {
        :name => "testing2",
        :store => "psql"
    og = Og.setup(db_conf)

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