Code walkthrough (Re: [Nitro] Og relationships)

Martin Bernd Schmeil bernd at
Tue Aug 9 02:19:16 EDT 2005

Aleksi Niemela wrote

> ... But here's the beginning of something which might become Og API 
> walkthrough.
> I've posted it before on the list. In it I explain how Relations (like 
> HasMany) get the keyword (like has_many) and how they're initialized. 
> This is not real documentation, but might shed some light to the dark 
> corners.

Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I needed. You dont't want to put this 
in the wiki?

Whatever you call that, code walkthrough, concepts or big picture... I 
wish someone who can distingish about the current Nitro development and 
deprecated modules and classes would set up a skeleton (format like the 
code walkthrough) in the wiki, so people with too much spare time could 
start writing documentation.

- Bernd

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