[Nitro] Help understanding ... process

Tim Larson tim at keow.org
Tue Aug 2 14:06:59 EDT 2005

On Tue, Aug 02, 2005 at 04:47:25PM +0100, Marcus Edwards wrote:
> It would help me enormously if someone could describe the whole
> decision chain from when a request is received until the response is
> returned. E.g.
> 1. Server: request received
> 2. Server: apply request filters...
> 3. Dispatcher: find controller
>     3.1 .html? ...
>          3.1.1 html controller (SimpleController)
>          ...
>     3.2 .xhtml
>          3.2.1 xhtml controller (SimpleController? Compiler?)
>          ...
>     3.3 Server.map[request url fragment #1]? 
>           3.3.1 Controller: has method matching request url fragment #2? 
>  etc.
> Obviously a UML sequence diagram would be superb but a description at
> the very least would help. I'm more then happy to sketch up the
> diagram if someone can explain how it works. I'll try walking through
> the code to get at the answer to this but if someone has a ready
> explanation, I'm all ears.

I am also walking through the code trying to figure this all out,
with the disadvantage that I am also new to Ruby so the code is a
little foreign to my eyes :(  At this stage, before my mental map
of Ruby has had a chance to settle in comfortably, all those nice
Ruby features that make programming faster and easier are just
making the code that much harder for me to read.  In the mean time...

If (when?) some kind soul does clarify the sequence above, could
you also explain how the system maps from the handling method back
to the choice of which template file to use?

It seems like just a *tiny* bit of hand holding documentation like
this would make all the difference for us Nitro newcomers/evaluators.

--Tim Larson

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