[Nitro] Problems using Og

Ysabel deb at ysabel.org
Mon Aug 1 01:02:23 EDT 2005

--On Sunday, July 31, 2005 10:52 PM -0600 Ysabel <deb at ysabel.org> wrote:
> add_address should be picking up Party.add_address, which should be
> referencing party_oid=.  It looks like there's a
> PersonalCustomer.add_address, through, which there shouldn't be.

That said, I suspect you could work around it by doing this on Address:

  def personal_customer_oid
  def personal_customer_oid=(oid)
    self.party_oid = oid

(Which is a gross hack, but it'd be interesting at least to know if it 

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