[Nitro] Misc,

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 03:31:07 EDT 2005

Paul, Craig,

thanks for your remarks. IMHO, we should focus on development problems
instead. For example your post exchange with James were very helpful
for me while designing the new version of Og. I would like to hear
more suggestions and even better problems with the  current
implementation of Nitro.

For example Michael Neumann has been VERY helpful by pointing out
several shortcomings of Og, more or less forcing me to take a step
back, rethink on the implementation and try to offer  solutions.

I Hope to see more coding related posts in this list. I fully
understand the problem with documentation, and realize that I promised
proper documentation for a long time, but in about 2 weeks I 'll be
pretty happy with the Nitro/Og API and I will really focus on the
important documentation issue. I hope we will see some tutorial first
(James? :)) but in any case be assured, I 'll do whats needed to make
Nitro/Og more accessible to newcomers.



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