[Nitro] Og update

craig duncan craig-duncan at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 23 19:58:30 EDT 2005

George Moschovitis wrote:
>>P.S.  After looking at such a lot of really poor documentation (not from the
>>standpoint of what's expected from an IBM reference manual, but from virtually any
>>other) i've had the thought of volunteering to write documentation... if someone
>>would be willing to *explain* to me how the thing to be documented works
>>(iteratively, of course).  It's a truism but anyone who knows how something works too
>>well and/or learned it too long ago, is virtually incapable of doing good
>>documentation, because they skip over too much that is so obvious to them that it
>>exists beneath the level of conscious awareness.
> Should I consider this as an offer to write some documentation? :-) In
> any case I will help you with any questions you have.
> regards,
> George.

Absolutely.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely i'm going to do like James and 
puzzle it out all on my lonesome.  He has that ability more than i.  I *do* have the 
ability to write very good documentation once i understand something.  And i *can* 
figure things out.  But figuring out ruby meta-programming is hard.  And lots of 
people are content to just _sort of_ understand... enough for them to get something 
working given trying some number of random variations.   Not me.  When i understand 
something i *really* understand it.  But it takes me longer.

How can i get started with Nitro?  I've read the Og stuff.  And i haven't seen 
*anything* else.  Nothing at all to get started with.  I'd really like to see James 
intro and build on that.  I'm thinking that DHH is really not doing the documentation 
thing right.  The thing about that, though, is i don't think that he really cares. 
His ambitions (unfortunately, in my view) lie elsewhere and he's perfectly happy to 
let someone write some good documentation some months down the road as it means that 
*he* won't have to bother.  That's fine if he were actually concerned about the 
current state of the documentation.  But i don't see any indication that he is.  In 
going through the mailing list, i've found questions that i thought were very useful 
in trying to draw him out into explaining some things on a more general, conceptual 
level, and after answering a very specific, detailed part of the question, he never 
even responded to the followup asking for further clarification.

Anyway, the answer is yes.


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