[Nitro] Og update

craig duncan craig-duncan at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 22 16:42:39 EDT 2005

James Britt wrote:

> I didn't want to turn this into Yet Another Rails List, but this may be 
> of interest to George as a way of perhaps explaining some behavior.


> obj_set = ObjectSet.get( "select t.name as name from tags t,
>                p.url as url from posts p
>                where p.id = t.post_id" )
> # obj_set  should now have objects with properties 'name' and 'url'

Very cool!  How can so many people be working on Rails and have been able to live 
without having (more or less) worked out this problem?  Oh... i forget... Rails 
hasn't hit 1.0 yet.  :-)

Anyways, thanks James, you have given me my direction for how to (try to) make this
work without having to change my db schema or resort to other kludginess.

> There have been some recent threads on ruby-talk about dynamically 
> adding attributes, or one could first dynamically construct a class def 
> based on the field names in the result set, then create an instance of 
> this for each row.

I haven't been keeping up on ruby-talk.  But i thought this was already "easy" to do. 
  ?  i.e. no real innovation required (just exercising Ruby's existing 
metaprogramming abilities).

> Rails can be overkill.  AR may be overkill.

Something to ponder and, although i don't yet know enough, those conclusions have 
certainly crossed my mind.  Or both overkill and underkill at the same time.  :-)

> I started writing my Nitro tutorial as a way to help me learn how to use 
> it.  I basically tried to start off with the simplest case, see how to 
> do something, then gradually add features based on likely use cases.

Well, in all seriousness, i started with Rails and haven't really touched Nitro yet. 
  But if you want some eyes on what you've produced so far, i'd love to take a look. 
  I could probably give you some good feedback.


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