[Nitro] Og update

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at lazaridis.com
Fri Apr 22 11:20:57 EDT 2005

craig duncan wrote:
> George Moschovitis wrote:
>> Can you explain more what you want? An advantage of Og over AR is that
>> it automatically creates the correct schema for the associations (or
>> Relations as they are called in Og). The same happens with Mixins. For
>> example, Og automatically creates the table columns to support the
>> nested_sets pattern, thus fully encapsulating the pattern.
>> -g.
> a) i want something that's documented (reasonably well) so that even if 

> It's a truism 
> but anyone who knows how something works too well and/or learned it too 
> long ago, is virtually incapable of doing good documentation, because 
> they skip over too much that is so obvious to them that it exists 
> beneath the level of conscious awareness.

I like to remember Mr. Moschovitis what I've told him a few weeks before 
subjecting documentation.

"your documentation cannot be good. Please assist me to make the 
jamPersist evaluation, which can serve as an intro tutorial.".


I will make a document similar to this:


when the "auto-restructure" option is available within OG.

The evaluation will work with a hassle-free bundled SQLite3 database - 
download and run.



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