[Nitro] Inheritance with Og?

PAUL HANCHETT paulha at aracnet.com
Thu Apr 21 22:35:49 EDT 2005

If I derive a new class from an Og class, and I add a field to the 
derived class, how is this handled?  Is a new table created, or a field 
added to the old?

I suppose according to the rules of *relational* databases this 
shouldn't happen.  Does Og handle it?  (I'm not suggesting that it 

If I should be able to get this from the docs, just point me in the 
right direction!  ;-)

craig duncan wrote:

> James Britt wrote:
>> George Moschovitis wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I am planning an extensive update of the Og library. The api changes
>>> will be minimal, but the new implementation will allow for some
>>> *important* and some 'cool' new features.
>>> Now is the time to send me your suggestions about things that are not
>>> great in the current version, or ideas for new features. I plan to
>>> work on this over the weekend.
>> I've not spent enough time with Og to say too much, but recent 
>> discussions on object persistence and revival had me wondering if the 
>> dominant model for the data was objects or relational database.
>> This question was particularly prominent when trying to use the file 
>> system adapter.  There didn't seem to be any support for raw SQL, and 
>> I wondered if that wasn't the wrong direction anyway.  Better perhaps 
>> if there was a Ruby-style API for finding, updating, etc. That a 
>> database was used as the back end would be hidden.
> I've spent a fairly small amount of time so far trying to use 
> ActiveRecord, and none at all yet with OG.  I decided that, 
> conceptually, i preferred the AR approach of generating methods from 
> an existing database schema.  After working with it a little, though, 
> i have to say that i really don't like AR.  Creating various 
> associations (has_one, belongs_to, etc) seems much more cumbersome to 
> me than what i would hope to be able to do by simply writing a sql 
> query wrapped inside a method where i can assign the values returned 
> from the query to ruby variables.  This seems like it should be 
> simpler to code, easier to work with, and more flexible.  There may 
> actually be a way to do this with AR but questions to the mailing list 
> haven't resulted in anything very helpful to me at the stage i'm at 
> and the documentation is dreadful.  I wonder if OG could provide the 
> kind of interface i'm alluding to?
> craig
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