[Nitro] Using facets with Nitro

Kostas Nasis kostas at nasis.com
Mon Apr 18 09:16:38 EDT 2005

I haven't looked at Facets, but I think this makes sense. How do they 
currently overlap? That is, what's in Glue that's also in Facets, and 
what's in Glue that isn't in Facets?


George Moschovitis wrote:

>Hello all,
>In order to avoid reimplementing the wheel  I am thinking  about using
>Facets to provide common functionality to Nitro applications. This 
>means I 'll remove some utilities from Glue in order to use the
>equivalent methods provided in Facets, and if possible donate some
>utilities to the Facets project.
>Any opinions on this?

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