[Nitro] [OG] - Automated table modification / extension

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at lazaridis.com
Sat Apr 16 14:28:48 EDT 2005

George Moschovitis wrote:
>>>If you are designing your application just drop the database and let
>>>og create the tables again.
>>this is inconvenient.
> not at all... takes 5 seconds.


>>>If you your application is live (in
>>>production) you have to manually alter the table.
>>inconvenient, too.
> well I agree, (but it takes about a min)


>>>An older version of Og had an alter method that tried to automatically
>>>alter the table to much the updated class definition. I 'll
>>>reimplement this funtionality (or perhaps someone can send me a
>>this functionality is essential.
> I agree...

ok, very nice.

>>I hope this can be re-implemented soon, at least for simple
>>modifications, like "add property", "remove property" or "change
>>property type/size" etc.
> Will do :)

ok, very nice.

can you please tell me when you expect to have this included?

[I'm not yet ready to write code in ruby - otherwise I would contribute 
this or assist you]

> thanks for the tips.

you're welcome.

please let me know if you need further information, e.g. implementation 



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