[Nitro] [OG] - Automated table modification / extension

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at lazaridis.com
Fri Apr 15 20:46:00 EDT 2005

Emmanuel Piperakis wrote:
> My question is, it seems that "many" are demanding things from G. 
> instead of offering usefull advice.

[you should write below the content]

> Are we all donating for Nitro?

Personally, I am donating time for a beta-state product.

> and we have the luxury of demanding features?

of course.

If you are able to stop this ridiculous "demanding" tenor (which sadly
is common within open source project).

It is better to have 'demanding' users (whatever 'demanding' means) than 
silent users.

> Or should we realize that Nitro is for free, and our comments are 
> just "comments", aiming to in to improve Nitro...!?

Nitro is not for free.

one has (like with any open-source software) to invest time and effort.

> Just a suggestion... Right?

you should possibly update the terribly outdated navel.gr website,
instead of posting "just suggestions".

>>>> If you are designing your application just drop the database 
>>>> and let og create the tables again.
>>> this is inconvenient.
>> not at all... takes 5 seconds.
>>>> If you your application is live (in production) you have to 
>>>> manually alter the table.
>>> inconvenient, too.
>> well I agree, (but it takes about a min)
>>>> An older version of Og had an alter method that tried to 
>>>> automatically alter the table to much the updated class 
>>>> definition. I 'll reimplement this funtionality (or perhaps 
>>>> someone can send me a patch).
>>> this functionality is essential.
>> I agree...
>>> I hope this can be re-implemented soon, at least for simple 
>>> modifications, like "add property", "remove property" or "change
>>>  property type/size" etc.
>> Will do :)
>> thanks for the tips.
>> -g.
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