[Nitro] is there a 'is_valid_property?' in og?

Daniel Bovensiepen daniel at bovensiepen.net
Thu Apr 14 13:25:16 EDT 2005

Maybe i didn't know the complete function of valid..
I just want to check a value against the validate functions in an og

If i add all values to the og object and ask the object '.valid?' it returns
a list with the errors. Then i can ask something like 'count' and i get the
numbers of errors but i didn't get the information -> is this value valid? I
only get the info that some property is not valid.
Is there a way to check the error-list for a specific property? If yes my
problem were solved.

Am 13.04.2005 21:20 Uhr schrieb "George Moschovitis" unter
<george.moschovitis at gmail.com>:

>>  myOgObject.is_valid_name?('daniel')
>>  => true
> Hmm even though the existing .valid? function works great in practice,
> I 'll try to add the methods you suggest. Thanks for the tip.
> regards,
> George.

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