[Nitro] AOP with nitro

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at lazaridis.com
Tue Apr 12 10:41:10 EDT 2005

Emmanuel Piperakis wrote:
>>My opinion is that rather than new features/concepts/etc. we need to
>>freeze the Nitro features, fix the documentation, and only write new
>>code for absolutely necessary missing parts!
> I agree 100% with Tasos. We should make a combined effort. This effort
> should of course start from G. 

No exactly.

This should of course start from the project-manager, who decides 
independently if the core developer is in an activity-trap.

> You should put a bit more documentation on
> the API (the latest one) and we will start reading the code... I do not
> see another way... We split the code or something, work in pairs...

Splitting the code has benefits, like allowing the team to document, 
whilst not mindering developers creativity.

But I brings some other problems, like the need to merge the branches etc.

> I believe Tasos is really good at organizing teams and people for
> cooperative tasks...



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