[Nitro] Nitro domain

craig duncan craig-duncan at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 11 10:04:43 EDT 2005

craig duncan wrote:
> George Moschovitis wrote:
>> Hmm how can I buy nitro.org? Any info appreciated.
>> thanks,
>> George.
>>> nitro.org and nitro.net are both squatted on but not really in use.  
>>> Did you consider it likely to be too expensive to try to buy one of
 >>> those or is the existence of nitro.com the impediment?
>>> craig

I quote: "I think it would be too expensive for you. " from the person who owns the 
nitro.net name.  I really don't (didn't) know anything about the relative price 
levels of those who play the squatting game.  But i think i conveyed to him the idea 
that we could pay something but not a lot (without mentioning any numbers: ~$100 
might be at the outer limits of feasibility but certainly not hundreds of dollars). 
And so his response indicates, to me, that these sort of people are looking for a 
return on their investment of maybe 500% or better.

Never got a response from nitro.org.  Maybe there are actual plans for doing 
something with that site.  Or maybe they don't even bother to respond to someone who 
isn't talking real money.  :-)


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