[Nitro] File adapter for Og

Kostas Nasis kostas at nasis.com
Thu Apr 7 01:31:51 EDT 2005

James Britt wrote:

> I'm slowly building up a Nitro tutorial.  It starts from the 
> snake-simple, gradually adding in more Nitro features.  The premise is 
> that one can start with mocked-out plain HTML, add in some templating, 
> then actual Ruby code, and gradually get more complex, all based on 
> the actual needs of the application.  There is no de facto presumption 
> of a database (or any storage, for that matter) until such time that a 
> need is demonstrated.

I would like to help with this. Have you written something already that 
you can send me? Perhaps we can divide the work, or I can at least serve 
as a reviewer.


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