[Nitro] File adapter for Og

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 02:43:06 EDT 2005

> I'm getting close to sending something off to George.  It does not cover
> all aspects of Nitro; I don't even know what that would entail.  The
> goals of the tutorial are to encourage use of Nitro, and demonstrate a
> methodology of design and development facilitated by Nitro.

Great, thanks a lot.

> Lots to do.  We have the mixed blessing of working with a framework
> still in progress.  The nice thing is that there is time to change
> things before they get to entrenched.

Yeap, I think this is the number one reason to investigate Nitro at this moment.

> * Post to the list when you find something unclear or unintuitive.
> Sometimes simply changing the name of something can be a big step, but
> users need to speak up

This is very important.

> Sound nice.  BTW, I really hope not to see any (well, too much) Rails
> sniping here.  I've used it, I've made money off it, there are many

Of course not, we are all Ruby enthusiasts. We are coopetitors not competitors.
> Docs is hard!  Especially as things change.  Nitro docs I wrote this
> ..
>   I hate copying code, trying out, having it fail, only to learn that it
> will never work with the current version.

great idea.

> On a related note, my tutorial has, so far, made no mention of unit
> testing.  I'm planning on suggesting that code of any complexity should
>   be encapsulated into clearly defined classes that are easy to test
> independent of the Nitro environment; you shouldn't have to run a server
> to test the code.  Any thoughts on Nitro/Og unit testing?

support for unit/functional testing will be included out of the box in 0.16.0 :)
You simply CANNOT code an application in Ruby without Unit testing.



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