[Nitro] What do you think.

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 02:25:52 EDT 2005

> this is all goodness, but i have one comment. is it possible (and i
> think it is, i just don't recall quite how) to alias the namespaces to
> N, G, and O? then you could have something like Include
> NitroShortNamespaces or something. after all, nitro is a fairly
> significant framework, and it *is* kind of nice to be able to say
> N::FooBar. it isn't like this is a little utility or something ... =)

As you can see in the source code, Nitro promotes the usage of
FooBar instead of N::FooBar. So there will be no change. Og and Glue
will be inteligently included in Nitro so that you can always write
FooBar instead of Og::FooBar or Glue::FooBar.

Btw, I dont know how to alias Nitro, Og, Glue etc... to N, O, G If you
have any idea, tell me :)

> > one step at a time, but to the extent that the naming should reflect
> the underlying philosophy behind the design, i would say sx. plus, it's
> just SeXier.

Yeah, this is the extension of our current framework (netrino) and it
is pronnounced .SeX pages :)


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