[Nitro] File adapter for Og

Dan Yoder dan at zeraweb.com
Tue Apr 5 17:08:05 EDT 2005

I would like to stress how badly needed this kind of documentation is 
... i realize, of course, that i am stating the obvious, and the 
equally obvious response is to do like james and write some of it. 
unfortunately, i don't have the time (at least right now) to do this, 
and the lack of documentation is making it difficult to make progress 
with nitro.

so what i am wondering is where is this on the agenda? what is the 
estimated time frame for this? are there other folks working actively 
on documentation? is there a to do list?

again, please understand this is in NO WAY meant to slam the current 
effort. g & co are doing great work moving this forward and it is great 
to see the activity on the list picking up. i am just asking the 
questions to try and better understand where we are at. =)


p.s. one thought i have is a similar tutorial in the spirit of what 
james is doing, but converting a rails app to nitro. this could also 
address why you might want to do such a thing. =) i could potentially 
write or contribute to this, since that is a big part of my struggle.

p.p.s. another rails-related thought: i think a lot of the 
documentation for rails is actually pretty weak. there is plenty of it, 
but some of it is badly out of date and there are a lot of really basic 
kinds of things that are not addressed well. i think a really strong 
set of tutorials and cookbooks could really help nitro's adoption.

On Apr 5, 2005, at 3:52 PM, James Britt wrote:

> I'm slowly building up a Nitro tutorial.  It starts from the 
> snake-simple, gradually adding in more Nitro features.  The premise is 
> that one can start with mocked-out plain HTML, add in some templating, 
> then actual Ruby code, and gradually get more complex, all based on 
> the actual needs of the application.  There is no de facto presumption 
> of a database (or any storage, for that matter) until such time that a 
> need is demonstrated.
> I've yet to get to any mention of Og, but I started thinking about how 
> one might ease into the use of a database, and figured that the file 
> system would make the best first choice.  I see there is a 
> FilesysAdapter class, which is sweet.  But the comments say it is 
> "proof of concept and at the moment severely limited."
> What's missing or broken?  And what's the forecast?
> Has anyone used this and can comment on it?
> Thanks,
> James
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