[Nitro] What do you think.

Anastasios Koutoumanos ak at navel.gr
Tue Apr 5 12:24:02 EDT 2005

> I planning some changes for the next version, and I would like your opinion:
> - change Nitro namespace from N to Nitro (to follow the ruby way)
> - change Glue namespace from N to Glue (to follow the ruby way)

> The Nitro namespace will by default include the Glue/Og namespaces.
> The .xhtml extension will be changed to .rx (ruby xml/xhtml) or .sx
> (server xml/xhtml)
> Which one do you prefer?

I prefer the xhtml extension - if you must change it though, I prefer

.rx reminds me or rexx, some bike models, and is more commonly used
than sx (check out

> I 'll also add an .rxi or .sxi extension for includable templates.
> Those templates will not be allowed to be accessed as top level
> templates (for extra security).

Nice idea!


> regards,
> George.
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