[Nitro] [ANN] Nitro + Og 0.15.0

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 05:21:04 EDT 2005

Hello everyone,

new versions of Nitro and Og were just released.

Homepage + Downloads: http://nitro.rubyforge.org

A great release. Many cool new features and tons of subtle
improvements. We also welcome a new core developer, Anastastios
Koutoumanos, who's first contribution is the new SqlServer adapter.

Most notable additions:

* Advanced localization support:

  locale_en = {
    'See you' => 'See you',
    :long_paragraph => 'The best new books, up to 30% reduced price',
    :price => 'Price: %d %s',
    :proc_price => proc { |value, cur| "Price: #{value} #{cur}" }

  locale_de = {
    'See you' => 'Auf wieder sehen',

  lc = Localization.get
  lc['See you'] -> See you
  lc[:price, 100, 'euro'] -> Price: 100 euro
  lc = Localization.get[:de]
  lc['See you'] -> Auf wiedersehen

  Using the LocalizationShader you can have templates like this:

  <h1>[[This is a localized]] String</h1>
     do you [[:like]] this?

  All strings enclosed in [[ ]] are replaced with localized
  versions (honouring the session locale). Localization rules can also
  be provided with a .yml file. Check out the updated blog example.

* Dynamic/Parametrised mixins. A great extension to Ruby's mixin
  feature. The Og::list implementation is replaced with the new
  Orderable dynamic mixin, here is an example:

  class Comment
    property :body, String
    belongs_to :article, Article
    include Orderable, :scope => article


  The Orderable mixin uses the :scope parameter to dynamically alter
  the methods appended to the Comment class. This new feature will be
  used throughout the platform.

* NestedSets mixin:

  class Comment
    include NestedSets


  class Comment
    include Hierarchical, :method => :nested_sets


  this is a reimplementation of the SqlTraversable mixin
  available in older versions.

* Improved templating system. Now allows <% %> intrerpolators
  and provides a number of html morphing effects:

  <div if="admin">
    admin interface

    <li each="u in @users">#{u.first_name} #{u.last_name}

  and more...

* Og provides an SqlServer adapter out of the box.

* Improved scaffolding code (still a lot more to come).

* Build default environment, introduced nitro and nitrogen
  commands to help new users.

* Many, many small improvements and fixes. 


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