[Muby-talk] Anything going on with this client?

Martin Bruse zondolfin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 04:05:29 EDT 2009

> Thanks, that's very helpful for setting up matches and highlights.
> It's not clear - does muby support 256 color if the terminal does?
> Your triggers have "red" and "white" in them and I don't see any color
> codes when I scan through it. Finally, is there more help than simply
> typing "/help"? Was a help file bundled in with the gem?

Muby can send colors, but to simplify triggers and stuff it doesn't
detect them - so you trigger on the text only.

No, there is really no dedicated help file. Sy Ali used to have a huge
wiki set up with help and hints for muby, but that wiki is now sadly
gone :(

> I'm thrilled that the commands are sent with a forward slash. I use
> Tinyfugue and the command syntax is the same. I won't have to get used
> to using a different command marker.

Cool :)

> I'm off to play with it now.

Good luck!


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