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Leslie Wu lwu.two at
Sun Feb 4 21:15:30 EST 2007

D'oh, it looks like I might have run into a Firefox 2 + SwitchProxy bug.

I left "Use this proxy server for all protocols" clicked, and https wasn't
getting passed through mouseHole (Mongrel) as it should have been. I click
it off and on, and it passes through.

Mongrel (and thus mH2 out of the box) doesn't support SSL, so I'll have to
piece together some other workaround.


On 2/4/07, Leslie Wu <lwu.two at> wrote:
> Hey,
> I've been trying to get proxylike to proxy https sites (ignoring security
> concerns for the moment).
> Set as a Firefox proxy, mH2 seems to support proxying https:// sites such
> as, which means I can log into Yahoo!
> successfully.
> However, as of the moment, trying to use proxylike to access
> from Firefox (no proxy set there) doesn't yet work -- 404 on the mH2
> console.
> I just added a unit test for a simpler case, just using Net::HTTP::Proxy
> to get_response from -- a non-random https
> site with high PageRank.
> This test currently fails, and I'll try to work it through, but to make
> sure my understanding is correct, I ran this script --
> --
> against and, mH2 and Charles
> respectively.
> The former fails, but the latter succeeds.
> [Charles is a Java-based Web Debugging proxy (
> <>]
> This suggests to me that:
> * Net::HTTP::Proxy'ing a HTTPS site works (with Charles, a 3rd party
> proxy)
> * mH2 can proxy HTTPS if accessed from Firefox
> but
> * mH2 + HTTPS + Net::HTTP::Proxy doesn't work yet.
> Phew.
> As an aside, now that you can get the Firebug source through svn, tools to
> integrate mH2+Firebug might be mighty sweet.
> ~L
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