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Gerhard Koekemoer gerhardk at prodispace.co.za
Wed Sep 22 09:36:23 EDT 2010

Hi Luis

Thanks for the info.

The reason that I went for mongrel 1.1.5 is that the mongrel_service
0.4.2.beta3 gem requires it.

If I understand you correctly:

 1) Because we are runnig ruby 1.9.2 we should run mongrel 1.2.0.pre which
does not play nicely with mongrel service (I get an error asking for 1.1.5).

 2) The best solution would be to run 1.8.7 with mongrel 1.1.5 and
mongrel_service 0.4.3.beta3



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On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 9:33 AM, Gerhard Koekemoer
<gerhardk at prodispace.co.za> wrote:
> Hi all

> Environment:
> Windows 7 64 bit
> Ruby 1.9.2.p0
> Rails 3
> I am getting the following error when I run the following command 
> mongrel_rails service::install -N MyTestApp_4001 -p 4001 –e production:
> “Msvcrt-ruby18.dll is missing”

You're attempting to run Ruby 1.9 with a version of mongrel that hasn't been
compiled with Ruby 1.9 support.

Please install the 1.2.0 prerelease version:

gem install mongrel --pre

Also note that "mongrel_rails start" will fail with Rails 3. Which means
mongrel service will also fail. Before you report that back, see existing
issues in relation to Rails 3:

Luis Lavena
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