[Mongrel] Mongrel(_rails) crashing with rails3

Doug Renn renn at nestegg.com
Thu Apr 29 11:56:45 EDT 2010

Passenger might be the way to go long term but right now I have some
production machines that I can't take the
time to upgrade/test/debug.  I can't use rails server in production
because I need to launch them specifying --user
and --group  (plus it would mean changing the whole request dispatch /
process scheme I'm using).

I'll try to dig deeper into this over the weekend.  Any pointers would
be welcomed.

On 4/29/10 9:40 AM, Luis Lavena wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 11:19 AM, Jonathan Rochkind <rochkind at jhu.edu> wrote:
>> Luis Lavena wrote:
>>> I haven't played enough with Rails 3 to actually use mongrel with it,
>>> but due the changes in rails 3 bootstrap, I would rather use rack or
>>> rails server directly instead of mongrel_rails.
>> Or passenger.   I get the feeling that most developers have abandoned
>> mongrel for passenger, and mongrel no longer has very many developers
>> working on improving/maintaining mongrel itself either.
> Well, I might be biased on my response.
> I've been working on bring new changes to mongrel to ease the
> development of it and set the ground to bring better rack integration
> from Unicorn.
> You can see all these changes here:
> http://github.com/fauna/mongrel/commits
> So is not fair to say that is abandoned.
> While I use passenger in some server, I still use mongrel in more than
> 75% of all my production environments, even locally.
> I'm cleaning up JRuby support for a new 1.2.0 release and new ones will follow.
> What I have suggested about using "rails server" instead of
> mongrel_rails is because mongrel_rails needs to be compatible with
> previous version of Rails, and I'm not a 100% Rails user to explore
> that. See this ticket:
> http://github.com/fauna/mongrel/issues#issue/2
> That said, if anyone work on that would happily integrate it back.
> Thank you.
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