[Mongrel] Using mongrel_rails: Can't install Redmine as win2003 service

Anton Andriyevskyy x.meglio at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 17:20:45 EST 2009

Hello everyone.

After stugging 3+ hours installing redmine I got success but still
can't install redmine as service (windows 2003).

So here is my problem. I successfully installed redmine and mapped it
to mysql, created database and initialized it with default values.
Last thing I'm trying to do is to install it as service on windows
2003, and for this I'm running in cmd mode this instruction:

mongrel_rails service::install -N Redmine -c [your redmine folder] -p
[portno] -e production

and I get this error:
win32/service.rb:282:in `initialize': no options provided

When I try without params:
mongrel_rails service::install
... it just says that name (-N) is obligatory.

But when I try with name only (-N), I get the same error.

Any help appreciated.
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