[Mongrel] mongrel cluster with prefix

Roy Nicholson nicholson.roy at gmail.com
Sun May 31 08:33:53 EDT 2009

On 5/30/09 7:23 AM, Michael .. wrote:
> If i try to start mongrel_cluster with a prefix a receive this error
> message.
> /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/activesupport-2.3.2/lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:440:in
> `load_missing_constant': uninitialized constant
> ActionController::AbstractRequest (NameError)
> Without a prefix Mongrel Cluster works fine.
> Can anyone help me.
> thanks
> Michael

I had the same problem awhile back too when I upgraded an app to rails 
2.2.2 from 2.1.0. To fix it I applied this patch - 
to mongrel in order to get it to work with the --patch option.


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